Every writer benefits

Every writer benefits

from an honest editor

     Welcome to Chrysolinn Press, where words really do matter.
     My name is Chris Fotheringham, a writer from the get-go, and a turf-toughened editor.

     When I was about 6 years old, I remember copying neat-sounding words from an old Funk & Wagnalls dictionary, choosing one word per page, from A to Z.

     Today, with time’s care-worn passage, I am an insatiable word maven, and an ever-evolving mentor – primarily a result of pushing myself as my mentors pushed me.
     Consider Chrysolinn Press my humble attempt to return the favor.

     Chrysolinn is a conjured word: “chryso,” meaning gold (as in the value of well-chosen words), and “linn,” meaning waterfall (as in the power of free-flowing ideas), extrapolated to express “shimmering words in thought and action.” These words speak to the mission this website embraces.
     This is where you come in.

     You wouldn’t be reading this without sensing the same innate urge to use your words to tell your story and share your thoughts, wonderments and ideas with others.

     Likely, you are experiencing the befuddlement embedded in the very notion of how to entice those “others” to read your words.

     This is where I come into the picture.

     My storyline might sing from an old saw, but it is a track record I am proud to say I own: From pitching newspapers at age 11; to earning my first paycheck writing sports at age 14; to working 20 years as a newspaper editor. It reflects a career ranging from writing up little league baseball games in Woodland, CA, to teaching high school English in Lodi, CA, to reporting about
the war from inside Bosnia for the New York Times Company.

     Along the way, I learned from the best at the University of Missouri-Columbia’s School of Journalism. Also, I have had the privilege of working for two dynamic century-old, family owned newspapers.

     Covering courts, government and politics in California, Idaho and Nevada provided a steady diet of sensitive stories involving crime, graft and corruption.
     Then, somewhat by accident, I discovered there was life after being a “just-the-facts-ma’am” reporter and editor. I embarked on a career as a manuscript editor and novelist, and soon realized that fiction, exercised to its nth degree, is a powerful truth-telling tool.
     This emerging understanding became the genesis of Chrysolinn Press as a vehicle and a guide post, if you will, for lighting the way toward self-expression.

     In 2011, I published my first novel, Glory Hole: The elusive pursuit of gold, love and truth. This work of “faction” (according to my coined definition) merges fact with fiction, examining the lasting societal and environmental repercussions of modern-day gold mining in America’s rural West.

     This month, I am publishing my second novel, Murder by Modem, an off-beat mystery which launches from this spanking-new website.

     Now, you can do the same, because this is where Chrysolinn Press completes the picture, merging professional editing services with electronic publishing.

     E-books are the rage of the age and will not fade softly into the good night. But, like you, I cringe reading a typo-ridden e-book.

     Never forget: Every writer needs an editor; and every writer benefits from learning to trust the editing process.
     With CP, you get me.

     As your consultant, editor, e-book format designer and e-publishing facilitator, I am here to offer a one-on-one path to publishing.

     I will never take on more projects than I can handle, thus ensuring you the kind of back-and-forth attention your book deserves. So, take advantage of the free telephone consultation, and let’s get going.
     Thank you for reading, and please give me a call.